Updates: Improbable Ventures is growing!

You may have noticed a few recent changes to the website, and there are more in the works. I just thought I’d take a moment to explain some of the things that I’ve been doing.

First, the website now has a new domain, “improbableventures.org,” instead of the original wordpress domain, “improbableventures.home.blog.” Either one will work and you’ll be directed to the same website, but getting a custom domain was the appropriate next step.

Improbable Ventures with rocket

Similarly, we created a banner for the website last year, and it’s gone through several iterations. We’re still playing around with it and are looking forward to unveiling a new logo soon, as well.

rocket passing in front of earth

And on that note, you may ask: who is “we”? Improbable Ventures is growing, with two new members of the team. We’ll roll out a more formal announcement with additional info soon, but wanted to give everyone a preview of where Improbable Ventures is headed, and what we’ll be doing in the near future! Our team will be:

  • Posting more YouTube videos to our channel, detailing high power rocket construction;
  • Designing and building a high-altitude two-stage rocket, capable of flying to 100,000 ft;
  • Developing our own flight computer;
  • Machining aluminum parts, and building an all-aluminum rocket;
  • Designing and testing a liquid fuel rocket engine;

And some additional top secret projects to be announced later!

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