Below is a list of my goals for 2020, broken out by overall categories.

rocket launching with fire and smoke below, against blue sky

High power rocketry

  • Build and launch a small, low power rocket (A, B, or C motor). Done!
  • Build and launch a low to mid power rocket (D, E, F, or G motor). Done!
  • Build a high power rocket. Done!
  • Launch high power rocket (H or I motor) and obtain level 1 certification. Done!
  • Obtain L2 certification (J, K, or L motor, plus pass written exam). Done!
  • Get additional flight experience, using K and L motors & dual deploy electronics. Done!
  • Design, build, and fly a two-stage rocket.
  • Get a NAR Rocket Science Achievement Award in at least one category. Done!
  • Obtain L3 certification (M, N, or O motor).
  • Begin planning design for a very high altitude rocket.


  • Build an electronics bay with a flight computer capable of dual deployment. Done!
  • Get a “Technician Class” amateur radio (“ham radio”) license from the FCC. Done!
  • Learn more about electronics in a rocket and how telemetry works. Done!
  • Rebuild e-bay for Darkstar Extreme to add full redundancy. Done!


  • Transform backyard shed into rocketry workshop. Done!
  • Learn more about welding.


  • Create a video tutorial on building a high power rocket. Done!
  • Write an “instructable” on how to build a high power rocket.
  • Write an “instructable” on how to build an electronics bay for a rocket.
  • Write and publish an article on the laws and regulations governing spaceflight and rockets (manned and unmanned).