itch slapped

Introducing itch slap!

smiling man holding small box labeled itch slap
slapping *itches

Last summer, Katie and I were getting bit by mosquitoes, and we typically put this strong medical tape over the bite to relieve the itching. At the time, Katie said: why not sell this? WHY NOT INDEED?

Fast forward a few months and I had designed and manufactured a custom adhesive patch for bug bites, and filed a bunch of paperwork to create an LLC, get a unique product UPC/ bar code, and more fun stuff. The patch is an elastic fabric with a medical strength glue, and it effectively eliminates itching.

You can also give it as a gift to any of your friends and family who love hiking, nature, and the outdoors. Let them know they just got *itch slapped!

Also, the company has a serious philanthropic mission and donates 10 percent of all revenue to an organization that fights malaria: Nothing But Nets. So please help us by doing anything from the list below:

  1. Buy it, and leave a review!
    available on amazon:
  2. Follow itch slap on social media!
    Instagram: @itchslap
    Twitter: @itchslapped
  3. Share the post and help us spread the word!

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