How to build a fiberglass rocket, part 2: specs

I provided a full list of materials that I’ll be using to build the Darkstar Extreme, but just to offer a little preview on what the completed rocket will look like, here are some of the specs. And the picture below is just an example of the finished version – to be clear, I don’t usually post pictures that aren’t my own, but my rocket will look similar to this once it’s done (just probably a different paint job).

completed darkstar rocket, painted red and black, on green grass
note: not my rocket
  • Length: 101 in. (about 8.5 ft)
  • Dry weight: 223 oz (about 14 lbs)
  • Airframe diameter: 4 in.
  • Motor mount diameter: 75mm
  • Altimeter/ flight computer: TeleMetrum
  • Backup altimeter: TBD
  • Main parachute: 8 ft diameter Rocketman parachute
  • Drogue parachute: 2 ft diameter Rocketman parachute
  • Motor: TBD

I’ve already started construction, so I’ll have a lot more updates coming soon.

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