5 simple ways to turn a garden shed into a workshop

As I get more into building larger rockets, I’ve been increasingly aware of the limitations of my work area. Specifically, I don’t have one. We have a fairly small house and there’s no dedicated space for gluing or drilling or doing anything with large parts. I’ve had to temporarily co-opt our dining table.

We do, however, have a mundane shed in the backyard. It’s in good shape, but it’s dark and dirty, with no windows or any natural light, no electricity, and is generally just full of old junk that came with the house. But it has potential.

Blue shed
Run of the mill shed

I decided one of my goals for 2020 is to convert this shed into a useful workshop, primarily for rocket-related projects. This is just the first of a series of posts documenting the process of transformation and the resulting workshop.

This is kind of a big project, so I’m breaking it down into a few major concepts or steps:

  1. Remove junk & clean.
  2. Install windows.
  3. Replace door.
  4. Install new countertop work surface.
  5. Add electrical wiring for light fixtures and outlets.

This isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list, but I think that once I complete each of these parts of the project, it’ll go a long way towards making this a practical (and really cool) workshop. And then I’ll give it a name to class it up, like the Rocketshop.

Okay, still working on the name.

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