New year, new me: Goals for 2020

Farewell, 2019. Bring on 2020.

I’ve only recently gotten into rocketry, so I feel like I’m moving pretty quickly. Prior to a few months ago, mid to late 2019, I’d never even built or launched any kind of model rocket, even a small one.

Bring on 2020

Fast forward to today, and I’ve built and flown several rockets. I’ve even assembled a high power rocket and I’m on the verge of launching it (just need to find a high power launch event/ location)! Assuming the flight and landing are successful, I’ll get my level 1 certification through the National Association of Rocketry (“NAR”) for high power rocketry.

It’s a fitting time to say goodbye to one year and to welcome the next one. Now is when people generally step back and take stock of where they are in life, and what they want to accomplish in the next year.

So in that spirit, below I’ve listed my major rocket-related goals for 2020. They say a goal properly set is a goal halfway reached. Right? Right??

  1. L1 cert. Get level 1 (“L1”) certification in high power rocketry, using a rocket with an H or I motor.
  2. Build an electronics bay. Learn more about electronics and build a functioning electronics bay (“e-bay”) with a flight computer for use inside a rocket, capable of dual deployment (electronically deploying two parachutes at different heights).
  3. L2 cert. Get L2 certification in HPR, using a rocket with a larger J, K, or L motor and a functional e-bay.
  4. Build a workshop. Transform backyard shed into rocketry workshop.
  5. L3 cert. Get L3 certification in HPR, using a custom-built large rocket with an M, N, or O motor.

I’m actually not even sure this is all achievable in a single year, even if I go all out and work as hard as I can. From what I understand, people who build and launch high power rockets often take years between each certification. According to NAR, only 1,677 people in the entire U.S. are currently L1 certified; only 613 currently have an L3 cert.

But that’s ok! What would be the point in setting goals if they were easy to achieve?

Set goals. Crush goals. Repeat.
Fitness goal quote? Maybe, but it applies here equally well

Let’s do this 2020!

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