Beginning assembly

In this post, I’ll cover the unboxing and getting the right tools for assembly.

The kit basically contains all the parts needed to build a model rocket (minus the engine), a launch pad and launch controller (the red parts below).

Unassembled rocket kit and launch pad

The bottom half of the picture are mostly the rocket parts. In general, all rockets have the following parts:

  1. Body tube/ airframe. A hollow, lightweight plastic or paper tube, which is the main structural part of the rocket.
  2. Nose cone. A hollow plastic or wooden cone that fits on the front of the rocket body.
  3. Rocket motor. A small, one-time use only (non-reusable) motor, which looks kind of like a roll of quarters and is packed with solid propellant.
  4. Launch lug. A small tube, like a straw, attached to the outside of the body tube. It slips over the launch rod on the launch pad to hold the rocket upright before launch.
  5. Recovery device. A thin plastic parachute or streamer, which is packed inside the body tube and deployed only once the rocket hits maximum height.
  6. Recovery wadding. Similar to thin tissue paper but fireproof, wadding is crumpled inside the body tube to protect the recovery device from the motor.
  7. Electric igniter. Starts the rocket motor.

I also bought a few supplies, for assembling this and other rockets in the future.

Supplies: sandpaper, glue, hobby knife and spray paint

The main supplies here are wood glue and plastic cement/ epoxy; a modeling or hobby knife; some sandpaper for shaping and smoothing wooden parts; and a few cans of spray paint, as well as primer.

In my next post, I’ll walk through the assembly of my first model rocket!

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