The Journey Begins

“Better a fallen rocket than never a burst of light.” – Tom Stoppard, playwright and screenwriter

I figured I should start this blog with an inspirational rocket-themed quote, something a bit poetic. Although it’s probably more literal than poetic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I see some fallen and irretrievably damaged rockets in my future.

I haven’t figured any of this out yet, but I’m going to dive right in anyway and get started. I’ve never even flown a small model rocket. I’ll start small, but eventually my goal is to build and launch a larger, high-powered rocket. For now, my first steps involve buying a few small model rockets for some practice, along with the other necessary parts (like motors). I’ll post pictures and updates as I unbox everything and assemble it.

Stay tuned. And thanks for joining me in this unlikely and improbable venture!

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